Tech tools: gen-subs

Using Accurate generic US English model

gen-subs-demo.mp463.31 MB
gen-subs-demo-with-burned-subs.mp43.29 MB
Using Big model for Spanish
gen-subs-spa.mp441.27 MB
gen-subs-spa-with-burned-subs.mp447.82 MB

Some issues

    I tried to change the highlight color and i got this error
    ➜  gen-subs npx gen-subs for gen-subs-demo.mp4 -b -f ass -h #0090FF 
    ? Please choose a model. To download more models, please run `models`. (1.76GB, English) Accurate generic US English model
    ✖ hexColor.slice is not a function
    when burning subtitles in the video, is kinda annoying that they flicker when the whole sentence is rendered but the audio has not complete the whole sentence. ig would be nice to keep the subtitle line static UNTIL the audio finish it (I hope this is clear!)
    The English translation is quite good, but the spanish one is not, many words wrong.
editing to see if I get videos working on my site