Learning by doing

build shit is important, but document your process of building is the next level… and here’s my take on that.
Photo by Jan Kahánek on Unsplash
As I explain in my last post, I have anything publish that can validate all the things I can do or know, and these leads to making really hard to convince someone to pay you money and trust their projects on you. So, this is my plan: I’m going to start a couple of projects where I will be documenting and sharing all my findings.

Why you are doing this Horacio?

Well, that’s a good question. Why in this particular moment, where I have just one client and I know I will struggle to pay my bills that I commit to more work, that it’s not going to be paid?
The answer is simple: Why not now?
I’m 100% sure that, if I do this couple of projects (apart that are family projects and I will help the family business) I will learn a lot on the way and eventually, will attract more clients. Because people are really curious not only about what you do, but also on HOW you do things.
The How is so important, because it gives you a clear idea how someone solves problems, how is their thought process, what he/she does first and how it evolves until the problem is solved.
The other reason I’m doing this is because I’ve failed in the past trying to do this, so making this public will force me to make it better i guess? 🤷‍♂️

What are you planning to learn?

There are a couple of technologies I want to master in the next couple of months, this technologies are the pieces I need (I guess) to build the projects I’m planning to learn so here they are:
AWS Amplify
React Native (& expo)
Another reason I chose these technologies, is because they are amazing, the support is incredible and the documentation is pretty good. I will use gatsby to build the websites/apps, AWS Amplify to build GraphQL APIs, Lamba functions, hosting, React Native to build apps… and a bunch of crazy things I can do with them 🤟. and of course testing!!
I’m still trying to choose a Headless CMS, so if you know one that goes nicely with these three, please let me know!
I will also do things that are not so technical, like UX, design, marketing, business.. I will try to cover all the spectrum of a product End to End.
I know this is pretty ambitious, and of course I will not be able to complete everything, but at least I will share those things too, even I did not do it directly.
If you follow me on twitter and github, you will see I’ve being working on stuff already, soon I will start posting not only blogposts but also videos! (I need to setup things at home first).
I will publish (almost) everything I will do within this apps, as I learn I want to show everything, this is the ultimate way of learning not only for me but for everyone else.
I’m REALLY EXCITED ABOUT THIS!!, hope this is something that can also help the community and others in the same situation as myself. remember, the most important things is to keep doing things. don’t stop. and eventually you will succeed…. at least this is what I’ve being told!
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Here I leave you with some wisdom from Swyx about Learning in Public:
See you on the next one!
P.S.: My plan was to start posting from my own website, but things didn’t went the way I wanted :( hopefully for the next one this will be fixed…but hey, this is part of the process, that issue did not stop me from sharing with you this week right?