Go-to-Market Advocate: the most undervalued role in early stage startups

Today while having dinner with Gabo we talked about overvalued and undervalued positions in a startup and we came across one particular position that usually is undervalued but can bring so much to the table that is always overlooked (IMHO): I'm calling it the GTM Advocate.
This person is doing user interviews and product demos ALL THE TIME. It's also constantly checking the product status and reporting bugs, issues and UX problems to the product and tech teams, is constantly exploring new horizons and new ways to pitch, introduce and explain the product to many people.

Its sole job is to find Product Market Fit and a scalable Go-to-Market strategy.

I say is always overlooked because sometimes this role is filled by more than one person, and usually is not the main goal/role of any of those. Also Developers hate them (or at least gets really annoyed by it).
In my startup, Gabo is the one doing that job, and honestly is not an easy task. But we believe that habing someone constantly showing the product to normal people and bringing that feedback to product/and tech teams is one of the key features to find Product-Market-Fit fast and a preety solid Go-to-Market strategy.
What do you think?