User Feedback: testing Windows Laptop machine


16gb RAM
Intel i7-10510U @ 1.8GHz 2.3GHz
Windows 11 Pro


    after a couple minutes the app does not respond to anything
      I tried to move from a document to the hole feed and nothing happened.
    it takes ~4s to open a new window
    we need a "no results" message in teh launcher
    when using the OS app launcher and the app is opened, we get the URL message error
    connections dialog overflow is visible
    is very hard to drag a window. when I click in the titlebar it sometimes does not respond and I can't move the window
    the lists are not behaving well
      they keep going to blank
      the UX seems very slow
      we are doing a lot of things when scrolling (add performance tab image)
      this is when loading the feed screen
      this is when scrolling into the feed
      sometimes the list is big but i dont see anything (add video of the contacts list)
      when scrolling in the app we consume A LOT of resources (embed video)
    when publishing a document with 0 content, it displays a ZERO
    navigating from a feed item to a document is loading the wrong variant (add video)
    when the network is bad, publishing to group goes bad because maybe the doc publishing works great, but the site does not receive the new version of the group and then there's a difference created.

Other feedback

    FEAT: maybe in the popup to publish the document we can have a button to open the settings page?
    FEAT: maybe we need a more granular linking inside settings (to link to a particular tab and even highlight a section
    PRAISE: the new launcher is FAST!
    BUG: toasts show behind sidebar and avatars
    FEAT: should we have an online/offline indicator?
    BUG: the image selection is preventing me from selecting the caption or moving the selection inside
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