On dealing with bad moments...

Photo by Chase Clark on Unsplash
Lately, I’ve being struggling with bad things happening to me: All the CFPs (Call For Papers) I submitted where rejected, I have lost one of my biggest clients, that leads to a not so great financial situation, I got my first bad OSS experience, I stopped doing some good habits, to mentions some of them… It sucks.
But you know what, it’s OK.
Everyone have some really hard and bad moments in their life, That’s a fact. The important thing is HOW you receive those bad moments and react to them. How quickly you shift your mindset from a negative one to a more proactive and start moving forward again. This is the key.
Maybe you think you lost something important, and you feel really bad about it, but also think about how much things you have that others don’t, what makes you feel grateful. For me it’s my family, and all the opportunities I have available to explore. I’m so lucky to have a family that love me the way my wife and daughter love me, I love my job and what I do, I’m also the freedom to work whenever I want, wherever I want. (My intent is not to brag about myself, please don’t take it like that)
Another thing that helps me shift my mindset, is to listen to people that I admire and motivates me. people like Jocko WillinkCT FletcherTony RobbinsEric ThomasInky JohnsonGary Vee and a couple more. These people helped me to stop complaining about whatever is happening to me and take action. I think it’s pretty important you find something that help you keep the motivation high, because this is what drives you and keep you focus.

So, What’s next?

One of the reasons I got rejected from all my CFPs, I guess is because I don’t have anything out there that can validate my knowledge on certain topics.
This is why I’m going to start some Family projects, that will help me Document my journey on building and learning new things. I’m going to: Build an Application for my dad’s company and build two ecommerce: one for me and one for my father in-law. Learning by doing is one of the best ways to learn, it force you to take risks and figure out complex problems in the least time. Also with this, I’m following the I’m really excited about it! :)
Basically, I decided to STOP complaining about what’s happening to me and START taking (different) action to get a different result.
My goal is to do a weekly post about something interesting I did for any of the three projects, from UX, design and design systems to Backends, APIs, data-structures, testing and much more. Maybe I will post more than once a week, but I want to keep it approachable and keep consistent. down the line I can do some more crazy stuff. I’m keeping it simple from the beginning this time.
Hope this is interesting for someone, specially for those who where rejected or who is having a hard time now. this is my way of encourage you to get up and keep moving forward. Thanks for reading and see you on the next one!
Let’s set the tone with a video from Jocko…GOOD day!!