Mintter Issue triage Process (WIP)

This idea to have a issue process document was copied from the amazing team at Sentry.
Currently we are a small team. this means that we have not the amount of resources we'd love to have a very solid process. This will improve over time, and you are free to see all the issues we do have currently in our public Github repo
This is what we do now:

Gather User Feedback

There are three main sources of feedback we have: Our Discord server, Any Error logs from Sentry and all the demos Gabo does every day. All the team is paying attention to all the feedback, but not all the team address them. We need to understand the issue first.

Understand the issue

apart from the proactive feedback we get from users, we have a couple of ways we do capture data about an issue depending on the source.
If we see it on Sentry, sentry gathers all the public information possible for us to understand what went wrong. this is the way we get issues closer to code errors.
If the feedback is from Discord, we try as much as we can to understand what the user did to get the error and what was his/her intent. This way we not only can address the actual issue but improve any usability issues.
If the feedback comes from a demo, we also try to get as much data as we can from the user, but usually Gabo report it to the team and we try to reverse engineer it the best way we can.

Categorize the issue

in General rules, if the issue is something technical, it will land into a github issue. If it's something more related to some functionality of Usability problem, then that will land into a discussion inside the team and result in a Project to prioritize and fix (more about projects soon!).

Solve the issue

we have a target of solving issues in less than 1 week. Sometimes it takes hours, sometimes it takes more than one week, but in average we try to be as responsive as we can possibly be, to avoid loosing user engagement.
Here's the current Issues we have open.
Feel free to ask anything on our Discord server or open an issue if you find any!